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October 18, 2010

Billionaire Bill, the college dropout, offers “learning grants” through EDUCAUSE. No really, EDUCAUSE! You remember, the IT managers who whined about the Linden Labs fee increases. MIT Open Courseware High Country News, the Goat Blog — linkt in remembrance of the Mountain Goat so rudely killt Saturday. Visit of Menachen Begin and Aims of Political [...]

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Ben Manski and Medea Benjamin

October 16, 2010

Progressive activist Medea Benjamin isn’t often in Madison, so when she comes, one goes. Last night she came for Ben Manski, a real progressive, a Green running for Assembly in Wisconsin’s “safe” 77th district. His opponent, Brett Hulsey, a Democrat and former lobbyist for energy corporations against environmentally sound legislation, has one thing going for [...]

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October 6, 2010

Obama in Command: The Rolling Stone Interview Plutocrats and the Internet Cheap Debt for Corporations Fails to Spur the Economy Ron Johnson: Liar, Cheat, Scammer, Asshole, Oil Spill Profiteer, etc. September 20, 2001 Guns for a penny! //

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Sodding the Commons

September 25, 2010

Netroots Wisconsin hosts Uniting the Cheddarsphere in Madison today. They tapped me for the panel “Fighting Astroturf-Based Telecom Policy and a Corporate Broadband Future.” Astroturf? Whazzat? Take a look at this excerpt from a letter filed with the FCC by the “Arkansas Retired Seniors Coalition,” a group that leaves no trace of itself on the [...]

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Glenn Greenwald

September 20, 2010

Greenwald’s Salon column is always worth reading. Here he quotes Senator Feingold regarding his lone vote against the so called PATRIOT Act: “There have been periods in our nation’s history when civil liberties have taken a back seat to what appeared at the time to be the legitimate exigencies of war. Our national consciousness still [...]

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A few things worth reading today

September 8, 2010

Thanks to Karl Martino for these links: Remembering how the white working class got left out of the New Left, and why we’re all paying for it today, by Joan Walsh in Salon The United States of Inequality, by Timothy Noah, a continuing series in Slate focussed on income disparity in the US. Rebooting Democracy: [...]

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Never give up that ship

September 2, 2010

Are black people like the New Black Panthers preventing you from voting? Is ACORN still stealing your elections? Are black people like Shirley Sherrod and Eric Holder treating you unequally? Do the Muslims want to conquer your country and celebrate over your stinking Christian corpse? Is Muslim triumphalism and the Ground Zero Mosque just about [...]

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Birth of a demagogue

August 28, 2010

Glenn Beck is a pathetic figure, but today was his day. He stepped up to the microphone and took his place in the pantheon of great American revivalists. From Billy Graham to Billy Sunday, from Oral Roberts to Aimee Semple McPherson, those Americans who are poor and hopeless and white have always had a tent [...]

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