Dr. Laura says buh-bye

by fp on August 18, 2010

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Hat tip to Terry Canaan for turning me on to this little bit of cultural dreck. Canaan hopes that Dr. Laura becomes the first of a parade of talk show hosts who deprive us of the right to listen to their onerous mutterings by going on strike. Buh-bye Laura. Buh-bye Rush. Buh-bye Glenn. We can only hope that Laura, Rush and Glenn go all John Galt on our unappreciative asses and recapture their first amendment rights together in a bunker out west somewhere while we’re forced to watch re-runs of Barney and Friends to somehow fill the void. (We should be so lucky as to have the Schlessinger doing Eva Braun to Glenn Beck’s Adolph videos put up on YouTube while we wait for the propagandists’ strike to end).

According to Source Watch, “Dr. Laura Schlessinger is a US talk show host.” That’s it. None of her seventeen year history as a relationship adviser and right wing watchdog of American morals is reflected in that brief one-liner.

Wikipedia is more expansive. The Schlessinger entry there today includes:

At its peak, The Dr. Laura Program was the second-highest-rated radio show after The Rush Limbaugh Show, and was heard on more than 450 radio stations. In May 2002, the show still had an audience of more than 10 million, but had lost several million listeners in the previous two years as it was dropped by WABC and other affiliates, and was moved from day to night in cities such as Seattle and Boston. These losses were attributed in part to Schlessinger’s shift from giving relationship advice to lecturing on morality and conservative politics. Pressure from gay-rights groups caused dozens of sponsors to drop the radio show as well. In 2006 Schlessinger’s show was being aired on approximately 200 stations. As of 2009, it was tied for third place along with The Glenn Beck Program and The Savage Nation.

On August 10, 2010, on a call with an African-American woman who was seeking advice concerning her own interracial marriage, Schlessinger used the word “nigger” eleven times, saying that mention of the term did not constitute racism. She told the caller that she had the right to say the word because black comedians and actors on HBO say it, and cited a previous race-related comment made by her that was “funny” (and was made to her bodyguard, a black man). She also claimed that black people voted for Barack Obama for President on the basis of skin color, as an example of blacks as well as whites making judgments based solely on skin color. She apologized for doing the “wrong thing” a day later.

On August 17, 2010 Schlessinger announced the end of her radio show during an appearance on Larry King Live, saying that her motivation was to “regain her first amendment rights.”

Media Matters has a good report with an interesting comment thread that follows.

Or. you could check out the Atlantic article on Netanyahu’s threat to poison the planet with a radioactive cloud of fallout from his planned raid on Iran. Let’s see, on the one hand we could waste time yakking about the bandwidth sucking antics of a totally botoxed blonde bimbo, or on the other hand we could seek to inform ourselves and influence international diplomacy enough to avoid a lingering death by radiation poisoning.

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Doug Alder August 19, 2010 at 3:22 pm

Yet another person who does not understand the 1st Amendment. Good riddance.

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