Extradite and arrest the leaders and put them on trial

by fp on May 29, 2010

in Class struggle,The Wealthy

Are you puzzled about the attempt to drag the President of the United States into the resolution of problems caused by a huge global corporation, problems that are ultimately the responsibility of its executive management and shareholders alike? The best place to begin sorting this out is to freeze all BP assets worldwide, throw the company into receivership, convene a grand jury, subpoena the executive management starting with those listed below, and extradite them if necessary. The company has a huge financial liability and it seems likely that the management is guilty of breaking all kinds of civil and criminal laws here in the United States. Bravo to President Obama if he can support clean-up efforts, but where we really need his leadership is in bringing those responsible to justice. Where are the indictments? Where is the Justice department in all this?

Carl-Henric Svanberg — Chairman of the Board, British Petroleum
Tony Hayward — Executive Director, British Petroleum
Iain Conn — Executive Director, British Petroleum
Robert Dudley — Executive Director, British Petroleum
Byron Grote — Executive Director, British Petroleum
Andy Inglis — Executive Director, British Petroleum
Lamar McKay — Chairman and President BP America, Inc.

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